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We continue to invest in our personnel with the recent qualification to SSSTS by one of our senior engineers. This ...

Project Clockwise

We were awarded the contract for project Clockwise, Liverpool in October 2018 working with a prominent M&E contractor. The project ...

Constructionline Gold Membership

The final pieces of the jigsaw have now been completed and today we have been awarded Constructionline Gold Membership. This ...

Constructionline Silver Member

We have today been awarded the Constructionline Silver Certificate of Membership and are currently working towards obtaining Gold Membership. This ...

CHAS Accreditation

IP Networks continues to enhance its reputation for Health & Safety with the award of the CHAS  certificate of accreditation ...


IP Networks continue to invest in Health & Safety and as part of this investment we have just been awarded ...

New Contract: Network Installation for LPW Technology.

IP Networks working with one of our major partners secured the contract to install 330 x Cat6 sockets, communications cabinets ...

Improving communications at Wrexham’s new high tech police command facility.

Improving communications at Wrexham’s new high tech police command facility. Working with one of our major partners in 2017/2018 we ...

Leaders in network design

IP Networks (Europe) Ltd are one of the North West’s leading  and network  installers of complete technology infrastructures and have achieved this by working closely with our customers, who are “KEY” to the success of our business.

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network design


Quality fitting of network installation and cabling is paramount for ensuring seamless communication, efficiency, and reliability in any modern organization. Our meticulously planned and executed network infrastructure facilitates smooth data transmission, minimizes downtime, enhances security, and supports future scalability.

We assess an organization’s current and future requirements, and the layout of the premises, and devise a network design that caters to these needs. Factors such as bandwidth requirements, the number of devices, and the layout of the building are carefully considered to determine the optimal placement of networking equipment and cabling routes.

Quality fitting begins with selecting high-grade networking components and cables that meet industry standards for performance and durability. Skilled technicians then install these components with precision, adhering to best practices to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Proper cable management is a critical aspect of quality fitting. Cables are organized and labelled systematically to facilitate troubleshooting, maintenance, and future expansions. Cable runs are carefully planned to minimize interference and maintain signal integrity, with appropriate measures taken to avoid potential sources of interference such as electrical conduits or electromagnetic fields.

Thorough testing and validation are essential steps in ensuring the quality of the installation. Advanced tools and techniques are employed to verify the integrity and performance of the network, including cable continuity testing, signal strength measurement, and network traffic analysis. Any issues or discrepancies are promptly addressed and resolved to guarantee optimal performance.


IP Networks do not employ pushy salespeople and all our business is conducted through our in house technical team who will work with you “The Customer” to provide the optimum technology infrastructure to suit the requirements of your business.

IP Networks continually strive for excellence in the performance of our engineering and technical resources and these are made readily available to all our clients. Continue reading “Services”



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