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IP Networks (Europe) Limited regard security very highly to the point of using the best security suite on the market in our own business. We, like other business, receive hundreds of emails per day, however a high number are Spam, Phisphing emails and have viruses attached. Before using ESET, we used another well known AV suite until we were shown ESET.

ESET Antivirus

After scanning a Hard Drive with ESET and finding viruses that our original AV had not detected, we immediately removed the old software and installed ESET.

Now we experience improved performance on our PC’s, minimal Spam and potential threat emails. We thought it was that good that we had to offer ESET as a solution for our clients.

How ESET antivirus works.

By effectively combining several detection methods to neutralise a broad range of malware, including emerging variants.  ESET designed their antivirus software to be stable, precise, and flexible, which means it’s extremely effective at preventing malware from attacking your computer. Why not try ESET free online virus scanner to detect and remove malware on your PC with a powerful and user-friendly tool that uses the same ThreatSense® scanning technology and signatures as ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus – just by using your web browser.

IP Networks recommends ESET Antivirus
IP Networks recommends ESET Antivirus

DESlock+ comes in three forms: Essential, Standard and Pro. Whether your business is large or small one of our packages will suit your needs. With optimised setup, which speeds up adoption times for admins, and a client that requires minimal user interaction, DESlock increases user compliance and the security of your company data.

With DESlock you can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package. Full disk and removable media encryption keeps your data safe on the road. File, folder and email encryption keeps any collaboration across your established workgroups and teams; with your security policy enforced at all endpoints by the DESlock Enterprise Server.

Manage users and workstations together or independently with the DESlock Enterprise server. Keep you most high-risk endpoints under close control at all times: activation and changes to security policy, software feature-set, encryption keys and endpoint status are all handled securely through the cloud to simplify control. Only DESlock offers full control wherever your users are: allowing employees to work from home or on the move whilst enjoying the full protection of DESlock.

Product Features Include:

  • Full disk encryption
  • Removable media encryption
  • DESlock+ go portable encryption
  • File and folder encryption
  • Mail encryption
  • Text and clipboard encryption
  • Virtual disks and compressed archives
  • Encryption key management
  • Centralised management
  • Enterprise server proxy

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