Technology Solutions

Networks are constantly developing due to the increased demand for bandwidth for mobility, Collaboration and Cloud computing. The working environment has also changed; employees no longer work nine to five sitting in an office; they now work from different locations on a number of devices and with flexible hours.

IP Networks design and develop Next Generation networks which are imperative to supporting these flexible ways of working. Three industry transitions are driving communications network change; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the ability to work anywhere, and video.

With the advancement of IP driven networks; the ability to incorporate additional devices and applications has improved efficiency and reduced revenue outgoings.

Combining IP Networks ability to provide your wired infrastructure, we also provide secure Wireless Solutions, IP CCTV, Access Control, Voice, and Storage Solutions.

Network Switches

IP Networks offer a wide range of networking products that offer reliability and performance. Our in-house expertise allow us to offer Pre and Post Sales support on Netgear, HP, Extreme and Cisco (through our Cisco partners) products.


IP Networks recognise that every environment is different and our wireless expertise surpasses other vendors. The key to wireless coverage is our comprehensive site surveys.

We offer various internal and external wireless solutions from individual access points, wireless controllers to short and long range Bridge solutions. We can design your wireless solution around your budget without compromising on coverage and quality.


With the integration of CCTV into the IP world, we can design flexible solutions with high definition images, accessibility and reliability. At IP Networks, we have partnerships with the best of breed IP CCTV and storage solution providers. Our product range provides a solution for any budget with a backup service you can rely on.

Access Control

IP Networks are proud to announce our partnership with Paxton, a world leader in access control systems. With the introduction of Paxton’s NET2 products we are able to offer an IP access control system that will integrate into your existing network, minimising the need for additional expense.

LED LCD Interactive Boards

IP Networks now offer LED LCD Interactive Technology that can easily be installed by the end user or using our professional installation services.

This technology is now replacing the familiar interactive whiteboards and projectors as it offers a more flexible approach and with reduced running costs it helps in reducing your carbon footprint.

The boards can be used in the traditional way by connecting a Laptop/PC or by installing a PC module into the board which then provides a large touch screen PC negating the need of any other device to use the system.

The collaboration software offered with the boards allows a fully interactive environment with people using ipads, tablets or laptops to add and manipulate the information displayed on the board. This information can then be saved, printed or emailed in a live environment.

Add a webcam and microphone and you now have full video conferencing capability using a virtual meeting room.

Backup and Storage

At IP Networks, we recognise the importance of your data for the operation of your business; whether it be email, documents or databases. More insurance companies are asking for data to be backed up to ensure business continuity. IP Networks specialise in providing a number of automated backup solutions from portable, replication and offsite solutions.


Once installed, our portable backup solution is fully automated. This solution is designed for the small business with a small amount of data. Backup time is kept to a minimum so not to delay the end of the day.


Our replication backup services are designed for the larger business file storage. There are no monthly rentals, once it is all setup, your storage device will replicate to another storage device in a remote building.

Off Site Managed Backup Service

Our offsite backup solution is designed for SME’s to large corporate businesses. Not only can we backup your files, we can backup MS Exchange and SQL Databases without the expense of costly backup software.

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