Communications Solutions

If you are looking for a business telephone system, IP Networks (Europe) Limited, are specialists in IP Telephony. We recognise that business structures are changing to compete in the modern world. Our Telecom specialists will design your communication system that will grow and change with your business.

  • Multi Line Function
  • Caller Display Handsets
  • Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendant
  • Hold & Transfer Calls
  • Information On Hold Audio
  • Group Extensions & Individual Extensions
  • Voicemail, MOH
  • Conference
  • Paging
  • DECT Integration
  • Video Calls

Our systems are one of the best at providing Unified Communication Solutions ideal for future proofing your business telecoms; which will then provide extra revenue streams, making your company work more efficiently.

Streamlining your business has always been at an expense which has always been outweighed by the total cost of ownership and communications is one of those.

Start saving now. We are partnered with Zen for providing Phone Lines and Broadband, and VOIP Unlimited for SIP trunks. Take control of your Communications with low cost rates without the catch of 2 – 5 year contracts. At IP Networks, we always think ‘out of the box’, which has resulted with some of our clients saving £,000’s. To sign up for your Telephone and Broadband services, please click on the link below.

Who Are Zen?

Over the last 19 years, Zen Internet has grown from a pioneering ISP into a company that provides the full range of data, voice and hosting services to business and residential customers across the UK, giving them the capabilities they need to communicate, collaborate and pursue their long-term goals. Zen delivers the infrastructure businesses need to compete in a highly connected world.


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Why IP Networks (Europe) Limited?

As independent communication technology specialists, gxv3275LEFTlo we can analyse your business communication needs, recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solutions and then ensure that they are implemented in the simplest, quickest way. Our independence ensures that your business will not end up with a system which will be outdated even before it’s installed! We take a long term view of your business and supply you with not just the best solution for ‘now’, but the most flexible solution to match your business both now and in the future.

We fully project manage all installations from arranging the installation of new lines and number ranges with Network Providers to ensuring that the system is brought into service on time whether it be a new installation or one using existing infrastructures.

All our systems are fully covered by On Site Maintenance and we offer bespoke service packages to fulfil any specific requirement.

Full On Site Training is providedto ensure that our Clients get the very best out of their new installations and can maximize their efficiency by full utilising the facilities available to them.

VOIP Solutions

Our VOIP solutions are revolutionary. We do not believe in signing you up into long term contracts and provide services on a rolling 30 day contract with no penalties. Don’t believe the bad press that VOIP receives. At IP Networks our VOIP solutions are the most stable available with current clients systems operating fault free for over 4 years.

Wireless Bridge Links: Point to Point (PTP) & Point to Multi Point (PTMP)

Our Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multi-Point (PTMP) wireless systems are both cost effective and provide high bandwidth availability; up to 1Gbps with ranges up to 54Km. Generally these robust systems are used as primary links but can also be rapidly deployed for business continuity. We offer these solutions on both an outright purchase or on a rental basis.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology for using the Internet or another intermediate network to connect computers to isolated remote computer networks that would otherwise be inaccessible. A VPN provides security so that traffic sent through the VPN connection stays isolated from other computers on the intermediate network. VPNs can connect individual users to a remote network or connect multiple networks together.

For example, a user may use a VPN to connect to their work computer terminal from home and access their email, files, images, etc.

Through VPNs, users are able to access resources on remote networks, such as files, printers, databases, or internal websites. VPN remote users get the impression of being directly connected to the central network via a point-to-point link.

Our experienced technicians can quickly deploy VPN’s to suit your business.

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